SPECTRUM will always remember that our customers and our employees are our most important asset.

SPECTRUM will always appreciate, and show respect to, our customers.

SPECTRUM will provide our customers the best Mechanical and Plumbing service and/or installation at the most competitive price, on time and within budget.

SPECTRUM will operate with integrity in all aspects of our business.

SPECTRUM will provide our employee the most competitive wages and fringe benefits in our industry.

SPECTRUM will provide our employees with a safe work environment.

SPECTRUM is committed to assisting all employees in developing their full potential for their own benefit and that of the company.

SPECTRUM will endeavor to maintain an environment in which work is enjoyable and fulfilling by being sensitive to the needs of people, and rewarding their accomplishments.

SPECTRUM will encourage all employees to participate in the management of the business and to support and encourage the advancement of our industry.

SPECTRUM will work to merit employee confidence and loyalty as the basis for mutually satisfying, productive and lasting relationships.

SPECTRUM will strive to maintain mutual respect with our employees, customers and suppliers at all times.